How do you sell?

Is your business fit for the way people are buying today?

  • Assess your sales fitness
  • Revise sales approaches fast
  • Coach and Support improvement

Find your path to sales growth

You want to find your own way of selling – Your unique path that makes the most of every opportunity every time.  It’s needed now – more than ever before.

Marketing tells your story to the world you want to attract but selling is different – selling is the conversation that:

  • …develops real understanding with your Client
  • …and demonstrates both interest of and understanding of them
  • …that can help them achieve their aspirations – meet their needs – fix their problems – avert their risks.

Mastery of selling skills is needed to achieve this but too often, the only answer seems to be standard, generic and time-consuming ‘Long-session Sales Training’.

I’ve been there too.  There is a faster, better way to get there.

With 30+ years in top-flight sales and 20+ years coaching people to sell the way that works for their business, I help businesses apply a simple 5 step plan – a plan that will exploit your own and industry best practices, scaled appropriately and blended with the way you, uniquely, win.

And it’s all about underpinning Sales Growth


Start on the right path

Spend all your time on the opportunities you'll win

Of course you want to.  So this means you need to pick ‘the winners’ early on in talks about a piece of business….especially important right now.

Wasting precious time on opportunities that go nowhere or will take too long and it’s frustrating as hell!

I’ve seen it in every business I’ve worked with and there can be many reasons.

You may feel it’s unfair that your competitors have the means and resources to take all the right steps – they’ve been taught how to do it.

Early on in my career I too learnt how to do this properly in both the most complex and simplest of situations.  And for over 20 years I’ve coaching others with simple techniques. 

I’m here to help you do it too – specific to your business.

Can you afford to waste time and money on ‘no hopers’?

100% confidence in the right actions at every turn.

How often have you had conversations with a Customer or Prospect and been convinced they were going to say “Yes”…..but they said “No”?

When it happens you question your own judgement and wonder what you missed.

It’s infuriating and can leave you bewildered

We’ve all been there, don’t beat yourself up.

But you need to act because your competitors may have their answers already.

Perhaps you turned to a cure-it-all training course or bought the latest ‘must-have’ sales book?  How did that work out? Do you know you’re applying the best techniques today?

I’ve been helping people with this for over 20 years.

And I can help you take the right path every time too.

See off your Competitors every time

You want to beat your competitors every time.  But, you know that it ain’t so easy.  You need to get ahead and stay ahead.

On the one hand you don’t want to be ‘salesy’, but on the other, you know Competitors will say anything to win. They’ll probably over promise and under-deliver again.

It’s infuriating – your Clients deserve better.

I’m with you, I’ve been in your shoes.

Over the course of 3 decades I’ve explored and practised the techniques, guile and know-how to outsmart the competition without being ‘Salesy’. 

I’m here to help you do the same for your business and your Clients.

Start now

AskPathfinder | Turn the tables on your Competitors

“It was a pleasure working for James.  He exhibited extraordinary leadership qualities.  He is one of the few Sales Directors I have worked with who can make a difference”

Nick Scarborough – Director – Edgeverve

Delight in every negotiation

You want the best deal from every opportunity and so do your Clients.

But you’ve been conditioned to believe that negotiating is an arm-wrestle over price.

Negotiation can therefore make folk feel anxious of being ‘beaten’ down on price.

Books and courses either talk about winning and losing or they spin the old “Win-Win”.  Great…but who ever taught you how to make that happen?

You don’t need sound-bites, you need know-how

Hundreds of negotiations have taught me the method to find the win-win in every negotiation that maintains price and makes your Client happy too.  I can show you that way.

It’s time to love negotiations

Forecast with confidence

Your forecasts matter. But, too often it feels  little more than guesswork.

You’ve been there. Forecasts like this can make you feel uncomfortable.

It’s not fair that something so important to you is randomly put together.

I’ve been in your shoes. 

Forecasting is unpredictable when there is a lack of consistent inspection and analytical thought.

But having landed hundreds of forecasts, I’ve worked out how to make forecasts more accurate. 

It’s not rocket science.  It does work.

Can you ignore an approach that takes guesswork out?