How do you 'Go to Market' and Sell?

Are you 'fit' for what and how people are buying today?

  • Reviewing and improving Sales Go to Markets
  • Reviewing and improving Sales Fitness

“It was a pleasure working for James.  He exhibited extraordinary leadership qualities.  He is one of the few Sales Directors I have worked with who can make a difference”

Nick Scarborough – Sales Director

'Go to Market' - a new definition

Identifying which people (Influencers and Decision Makers) in what Companies will have the highest propensity to buy what you offer, to understand why they will buy it and buy it from you vs your competitors.

  • Identifying your Market based on what the market says
  • Focusing the ‘Sweet Spot’
  • Determining who will be involved in those businesses
  • Locating them
  • Attracting them in the right way
  • Selling to them in the most effective way.

Selling - a new definition

The Mindset, Skillset, Knowledge and Values that helps and guides Prospects and Customers to buy solutions that will help them overcome problems, risks & frustrations….so that they can achieve their goals, objectives and KPIs

  • Mindest – coaching & mentoring takes time
  • Skillset can be taught through methods with coaching
  • Knowledge can be taught but maybe teach how to fish vs feeding fish?
  • Values are fundamental and can only really evolve with mentoring