Grow the business the way you want to

  • Discover how to increase sales rapidly
  • Gain know-how without going on ‘training’
  • Grow your business faster

For Business Owners With Sales People

Have confidence your sales people are achieving the results you deserve

You need the confidence that your sales people are doing the job the best way.

But unless you’re familiar with sales & sales management methods, you may not know how to get the best out of them.

This can make you feel that growth could be at risk

It’s not fair when your time is so stretched.  Where can you find the time to make sure they’re doing the best they could and manage them the best way you can?

I understand.

There is a way to square the circle in far less time than you might think.

I’ve learnt and practised sales for 35 years and sales management for 20 years.

The theory is straightforward, but it’s really experience that counts.

Wouldn’t you like to know how?

“James was my first leader as I entered the start up world and I am sincerely glad he was.

Coming from a world of big corporates James introduced me to what it takes to create something out of nothing and feel empowered to quickly make decisions …moving forward fearless of failure.

If you are looking for a leader that can take nothing and turn it into something in a cool and relaxed style and bring everyone along the way then James really is a fantastic guy for the job”

Phil Sargeant – VP Sales EMEA, SafeguardGlobal

Hire and manage sales people worthy of representing you

Sales people generally have a poor reputation but you’re looking for sales people you can trust.  You need to know that:

  • You are hiring the best you can
  • They are delivering the the best way possible
  • They are giving you accurate & reliable information

It’s not right that no one warned you of the risks; how to spot the sales people who spin you a line and how to manage them to success.

I’ve felt it too and it can feel very unsettling.

With 100’s of hours of coaching & development and 20 years as a sales manager, I learnt the hard way.  I have distilled the essential techniques for you so that you can learn to hire and manage sales people in a fraction of the time it took me.

Can you afford to learn the hard way?

You’ve hired right and you know your sales people are selling right.  It’s time to make sure they’re continually improving.

That’s easier said than done when you’re busy making sure the business delivers what they sold and you’re planning for future growth.

It can get a bit overwhelming and you may fear they’ll go ‘off the boil’.

It’s unjust that larger businesses have highly paid sales managers keeping sales people on their toes.

But they don’t have your passion for the business, for Clients and they don’t have your insight.

For 20 years I’ve coached and developed sales people and have distilled methods you can use so that they continually improve.  Let’s combine our strengths.

That has to be worth a 15 minute conversation?

Ensure your sales people deliver every month

“I’ve been in Sales for over 10 years. I joined James’ team in a fast paced sales role that called for highly accelerated sales growth. From the beginning James showed leadership & direction with which he built a close knit, high performance team.

As importantly for me, his years of sales and leadership experience gave me the opportunity to develop my selling skills very rapidly. His guidance was always relevant, succinct and, most importantly, it worked…In both group workshops and 121 settings, James’ approach always made sense because it wasn’t drawn out or laborious (as typical ‘sales training’ can be).

The skills & mindset I learnt therefore stuck with me – I still use them – and a few years on, we’ve stayed in contact, I continue to refine my skills and have an open door to discuss ideas with him.”

Neil Curry – Account Director, WebExpenses

For Business Owners With No Sales People

Win more business

You need to win business to achieve growth but unless you were previously in Sales & Marketing you may think that selling’s just selling?

But equally you know there are times when

  • You don’t know how to find it
  • Clients do things you don’t understand
  • You’re nervous about underselling yourself or taking bad business

It may have left you confused and frustrated.

You’re not to blame.  Sales Training is designed for the big boys who don’t want you to master the skills that would help you beat them.  So let’s find your path to do just that.

For 3 decades I learnt and mastered the secrets of selling.  I’ve distilled them into simple, usable methods for a Business Owner & MD like you.

Why keep yourself in the dark?

“As a business owner, I have inevitably ended up doing far too many jobs for one person. Over time, one of the most important ones – sales – has gotten less attention than it should. I hate the word ‘selling’, it sounds too ‘salesy’. Fortunately, I met James and came across his skills workshop – “Winning More Business – for Business Owners”, completely by chance. Given I don’t like the word ‘sales’, I wasn’t sure what to expect, to be honest. What I walked away with were real skills and tactics that I used to secure more new business the very next day.

James has given me real-world skills that I’ll keep benefitting from. Every business owner must talk to James – I cannot recommend him highly enough – 5 stars… and then some :-).”

Michael Thomas – MD at Darwin

Master every Client meeting

There’s a saying in sales.  “Every Client meeting is a selling opportunity”.  It’s trite, it’s ‘salesy’ but it’s true.

It’s also true to say that without sales you have no business.  Do you know how to…

  1. Find business & make sure you spend time on the opportunities you’re most likely to win?
  2. Ask the very best questions?
  3. Present & propose brilliantly and overcome objections?
  4. Ensure you hold your price and get new Clients to sign up quickly?

It’s not right that when you started up that no one urged you to master selling skills.

I spent 35 years learning and mastering a whole host of selling methods that work.  I have distilled them down to those most valuable for an MD like you – Sales Jargon free!

It’s not rocket science, it doesn’t take long, but it will make a big difference.

“James is an exceptional sales person. He understands. His insights and expertise as we embarked on our strategic transformation programme were highly influential in ensuring that we ended up with a great outcome. James is delightful to work with and I cannot recommend him highly enough”

Simon Lanham – First Group

Get ahead of your competition

You’re an expert in your field.

But marketing & selling are different skills entirely – amongst many things, they bring clarity to questions such as

  • How to best present your business to attract the best Clients
  • How to ask the best questions that start winning during the first conversation
  • How to present your offer in a compelling way
  • How to keep your value (and price) high

It’s not fair that these skills get vacuumed up by the large Companies with whom you have to compete.

Having spent 30+ years specialising in selling, I’m helping MDs in businesses just like yours compete and win.

Can you afford to miss out?