Lead the best sales team you've ever heard of

  • Enjoy every review

  • Effortlessly lead top performers

  • Upgrade skills in a fraction of the time

Enjoy every Forecast and Quarterly Review

Yes – I am serious!

You expect full visibility and reliable forecasts just as they are expected of you.

The problem is, you don’t always get them and it can lead to some tense forecast calls and QBRs.

Your team could do better with CRM data and precision thinking.

I’ve been on those calls and reviews.  Over 20 years of sales leadership, I found ways to get sales people on board.  

Don’t believe those that say it’s impossible.

I’ve helped many sales leaders get their sales people singing from the same hymn sheet.  If you want crystal clear pipelines and rock solid forecasts I’m here to help you too.

Can you afford to just leave it be?


“I have worked with or for James for 8 years in total at MDIS (NorthgateHR) and Sage UK.  He has been pivotal in helping me secure more business through his implementation of sales best practices and making me stand out from the competition.

Even after 30 years of selling he has most certainly taught me lots in terms of additional collaborative sales techniques and has been an inspirational, much admired mentor.”

Wendy Knowles – Sales Manager, SafeguardGlobal

Win Back Time

To lead the best sales team, you need the time to manage and develop each individual.

The problem is that between management and Client demands there are barely enough hours in the day.  There’s certainly not enough left over to share your knowledge and expertise with your team.

This frustrates Sales Leaders.  It’s not reasonable to expect you to spin so many plates and find the time to improve everyone in your team.

I have been in your shoes – for 20+ years – I get it.  I can put in the time with your team that you don’t have, so that you have that much more impact in the time you do get with them.

Are you ready to make more of the time you do have?

“It was a pleasure working for James.  He exhibited extraordinary leadership qualities.  He is one of the few Sales Directors I have worked with who can make a difference”

Nick Scarborough – Director – Edgeverve

Get sticky with skills

You need to develop the skills in your team the way you know how.

But you know that most sales training is a waste of time because it’s not personalised, it takes too long and there’s rarely any support.

Sales Trainers who haven’t sold anything make things worse.  Your team won’t respect or even listen to them.

As a Sales Leader, like you, for over over 20 years, I witnessed the pointlessness of sales training where skills didn’t stick.

It’s time for a better solution; coaching from someone with a proven track record, providing advice and guidance that’s relevant to specific needs.  Delivered in a faction of the time

That’s exactly what I’ve been doing with sales people for 20+ years and I can help you do the same.

More impact.  Less time. Less cost.  It’s all about results

Make your sales team the best you’ve ever heard of

You want to instil in your sales people the Skillset, Mindset, Knowledge and Values that you know will work – they made you a success

But too often the traditional answer of ‘standard sales training’ is the prescription.  It doesn’t cover the bases and it doesn’t stack up.

Whilst standard training may be fine for on-boarding Rookies, we all know that it doesn’t stick with seasoned sales people.

For your team to be brilliant they need to outperform all others.  It needs a clear path for sales execution.  That requires a clear path for each of them to become the best they can be.

And it’s not right that you don’t have enough time.

Over 20 years of Sales Leadership I developed salespeople properly through coaching.  It generated outstanding team performance.  It’s now my turn to help you do the same.  Let me help you make your team the best in the business.